A Blog is Born

You know Heather, you just need to live where you’re at.  

That came straight from Brady’s mouth one night last fall when we were living in our little apartment in Arlington.  I was complaining (shocking, I know) about not wanting to get “plugged in,” as we were moving in a few short months.  After all, we had been living like gypsies for months at that point, and I was tired.  Tired of being the new kid.  Tired of being holed up in an apartment after spending the last few years on acreage in the Hill Country of Texas.  Tired of missing my friends and my family.  I was waiting to move to our newest home in Sarajevo before I decided to live.  When we got there, then I’d live.  I’d make friends.  I would consider it home.  I hate to admit it sometimes, but I married a really smart man.  Shhh, don’t tell him I said that!  I could spend my whole life being tired and waiting to live.  So, after a little pride swallowing, a prayer and a glass of red wine, I decided to heed his advice.  From now on, I was going to stop waiting.  Live Where You’re At.  That night, our family motto was born.  And I now live by it.

So, here we are.  Almost three months in our new home in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  And boy, are we living!  Our boys are learning a new language (Tristan is learning two!)  Lyla spends three mornings a week with a nanny who loves her like she’s her own, walking the cobble stone streets of Bascarcija, flirting with every person who looks her way!  And I am getting to take pictures of one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, and this ain’t my first rodeo, so I’ve seen some amazing places.

What can you expect from this blog? 

1. Pictures of our adventures, including, but not limited to: food, lots of pictures of food.  My always well-behaved children absorbing culture all around them without a single, “Are we there yet?” and “Moooom!  My DS battery is dead!!  How much longer do I have to sit in this car?!?”  A beautiful dichotomy of serene landscapes riddled with bullet holes, shrapnel and a country still in recovery from a pain that I can only try to imagine.

2. A history lesson or two on what this unique and amazing country has gone through in the last 20 or so years.

3. And very likely a healthy dose of sarcasm.  Hey, the boys have their languages, I have mine!

I’m excited to show everyone what I live each day.  It isn’t always glamorous, but it’s my life.  And I’m living it where I’m at.

This is our amazing view from our balcony.

Sarajevo sunset


18 thoughts on “A Blog is Born

  1. Great start on the new blog! We miss you guys and look forward to keeping up with you (without having to use Facebook).

  2. Oh how FABULOUS — I’m looking forward to this! 😉 (BTW, I’ve got about 3 entries to my blog from when we first moved here…Then, I stopped complaining and started living where we are as well. Keep ’em coming!!)

  3. Heather, so happy you are doing this. Hope you will always be happy where God plants you. Love yall and look forward to more news.

  4. Heather, so happy you are doing this blog. Hope you are always happy and ready to bloom where God plants you. Love yall!!

  5. I read this on the way to work *sitting in traffic. Your words and Brady’s really touched my heart…it applies not just to people who are living in a different country, but also for people like myself to be reminded to live where I am at! I may be in a different season, but I need to live completely in this stage of life…it is where God has me and He wants to bless. So happy to watch you catching a hold of His blessings! Love you all….keep those stories coming!

  6. We all have choices in life, don’t we? It is so much more fun to make the choice to scoop in all that’s around us (good and bad), to live by the seat of our pants (even though sometimes it can get a little uncomfortable), and to enjoy the iddy-biddy treasures of life (we might just have to look a little harder for the really cool ones). Love your blog…thanks for giving us a way to go on this journey with you (I still miss you, though).

  7. I knew you were an artist with pictures but had no idea of your artistry with words! (and there’s nothin’ wrong with a little sarcasm—-especially accompanied by a good eye roll.)

  8. Thank-you so much for sharing this with me. I knew that you are a photographer, but I didn’t know that you are also a very talented writer. This might just be a best seller someday. Keep it up. Love it!

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