Live where you’re at.

I grew up in the military, moving every three years my entire childhood.  Then I married a man who wanted to see the world.  So, we have, and are, and will.  I have gone through phases of loving life and in the next breath questioning my own existence, almost always having a direct correlation with the level of living life where I have been.   After 34 years, I’ve figured this out, and decided that it’s time to embrace this life, instead of simply existing in it.  I believe strongly in Romans 8:28, but know that means listening to God’s calling, and following it with a happy heart.

My name is Heather.  It’s nice to meet you.  My family and I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  I have three smart, sweet and sometimes obnoxious kids who are learning to live where they’re at too.  My passion is photography, and I dream of one day making a living from it.  But until then, I’ll keep taking pictures of the things that move me as we travel the world.  I started this blog to keep our friends and family updated on our travels, but realize now that maybe there are a lot of people who need to be reminded that this isn’t a dress rehearsal and it’s time to start living where they’re at too.


This is us.  This is as real as it gets.

This is us. This is as real as it gets.


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